Storage Rack Systems Irvine, CA

The Rack Depot, Inc.

We offer new and used warehouse storage systems and pallet racks for warehouses in Irvine, Ca.

The Rack Depot, Inc. offers a large inventory of quality NEW and USED pallet racking, shelving, warehouse rack systems and accessories to customers in Irvine and surrounding areas. We have a huge inventory that includes many sizes to fit your specific needs. We also offer warehouse rack delivery, rack installation, rack system relocation, design and fabrication services. We have great relationships with our local manufacturers and distributors that allow us to give you the best pricing on pallet racks and warehouse storage systems.

The Rack Depot, Inc. is a proud family operated business. Founded in 2000, The Rack Depot, Inc. has become one of the largest warehouse storage solution businesses in Irvine and throughout Southern California.

Storage Rack Systems Irvine

High quality pallet racking systems for Irvine warehouses

We offer a large inventory of quality new and used warehouse systems, pallet racking, shelving and accessories to businesses in Irvine and surrounding areas.

Storage Rack Systems for Sale Irvine

A Pallet Rack System is basically a metal structure that has some kind of inventory on one or more levels. We offer a large variety of new and used pallet rack systems for Irvine warehouses.

Selective Pallet Racks for Sale Irvine

Selective Pallet Rack is the most popular and versatile pallet racking for direct and individual access to each pallet. We have the largest selection of new and used pallet racks is Irvine.

Drive In Racks for Sale in Irvine

Drive-in Rack provides static high-density storage for large quantities of like product with low-level turnover.

Push Back Racks for Sale Irvine

Pushback Rack increases storage density from 25%-65% while maintaining the flexibility to store multiple SKU.

Cantilever Racks for Sale Irvine

Cantilever racks are widely used to organize warehouses, manufacturing facilities, lumber yards and more.

Warehouse Rack Accessories for Sale Irvine

There are several accessories available to customize pallet rack to your specific use: Wire decks, Span-Track.

World Stop Pallet Placement for Sale in Irvine

The WorldStop allows for perfect pallet placement every time and provides a fixed 6″ (or more) flue space for industrial pallet rack applications.

Custom Safety Netting for Sale Irvine

We offer numerous stock and unlimited custom configurations in material handling netting solutions to prevent and contain hazardous falls at your Irvine business.

Sell your Warehouse Equipment Irvine

Do you have warehouse rack systems or pallet racks to sell in Irvine? Contact us! The Rack Depot, Inc. We are always in the market to buy racking.

Whether you’re looking to build a brand new warehouse or simply restructure an existing one, The Rack Depot Inc. is here for you. From planning and design to installation, we provide comprehensive services to ensure that your warehouse is running smoothly and efficiently.

Warehouse Design and Installation Services

Custom Warehouse Racking Systems Irvine, CA

At The Rack Depot, Inc., we are known for our expertise in warehouse racking systems. Our team consists of highly skilled engineers who are dedicated to helping Irvine companies design the perfect storage rack solution that aligns with their specific needs and available space. We take pride in our ability to deliver tailored and efficient storage solutions for our Irvine customers.

Warehouse Rack System Delivery and Installation Services in Irvine, Ca

Not only do we sell rack systems we also have rack delivery and installation services to Irvine, Orange County, and throughout Southern California.

Looking for custom warehouse rack system design and installation at your Irvine warehouse? With over 20 years of experience in the industry, The Rack Depot, Inc. offers quality warehouse design, engineering, permitting services, rack installation and rack relocation services to companies in Irvine to help streamline their warehouse storage needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your Irvine warehouse space!

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The Rack Depot, Inc. sells new rack systems and used rack systems to Irvine businesses in a variety of sizes for pallet rack structure as well as pallet rack upright frames, wire decking and rack accessories. We have a huge inventory that includes many sizes to fit your specific needs. Looking for a specific size for your Irvine warehouse? Call (562) 777-9809 or request a quote for a customized rack system.

Featured Inventory

  • Capacity: 2,500 lbs stacked 5 high

  • Removable post for easy storage when not in use

  • Ships 280 units per 53’ container

  • Limited amount with wire mesh deck on base

  • 18,000 units available (while supplies last)

  • Great alternative to traditional pallet rack

  • F.O.B. Southern California

Available Immediately. Call or email us for pricing.

Used Stack Racks 48 X 48 With 4 Posts


“Great service! Had what I needed for my warehouse needs. Helped with the design, layout, and installation. Got it done in less than a day. Competitive pricing and the only place that got me the quote in less than a few hours.”

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“Great prices and good quality for used material. I got a quote back within an hour and was overall satisfied with the services here. I will definitely be coming back for future orders.”

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“I was searching for racks and they had the best prices and selection compared to other companies out there. Also, their customer service was top notch and they answered all my questions, which were lots! If you’re in the market for racks definitely go with the The Rack Depot, Inc.”

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The Rack Depot, Inc. is dedicated to providing new and used pallet racks, warehouse racking solutions, custom installation services throughout Southern California including, but not limited to:

The Rack Depot, Inc. is dedicated to providing new and used pallet racks, warehouse racking solutions, custom installation services throughout Southern California including Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Ventura County.

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